Brent Scheibelhut

Developer. Designer. Athlete. Writer.

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From Web Design to Graphic Design - Brent has done it all. Simply put, Brent tries to offer unique, engaging designs that take into account both UI and UX. Notably, Brent's work includes:

  • Completely customized website design - special emphasis on responsive development
  • Custom email templates, logos, & icons
  • Graphic designs for advertisements, & interactive PDF's, and websites


With a degree in Honours Computer Science, and five internships under his belt, Brent has been immersed in a development environment day in and day out for numerous years. Other than the work experience discussed in Brent's résumé, here are some of his side projects:


SEO & Marketing

A number of Brent's internships, as well as his freelance work, feature marketing driven aspects. Brent has learned the expanse of web driven marketing, from email drops to SEO. Brent can help with:

  • Intelligent funnel campaigns set up from experience
  • Harnessing the power of social media to engage customers
  • Email drops, targeted advertisement, copy writing & search engine optimization
  • Analytics - especially Google Analytics and KISSMetrics
SEO and Marketing


Brent is one of those rare students in a short period of 4 months that managed to absorb ideas and responsibilities and then contribute quickly to the product development and design. He took initiative on major projects, leading the entire implementation of the website and setup marketing analytics to track user acquisition and on boarding. Brent showed the entrepreneurial qualities needed to work in a startup making confident decisions, exchanging it difficult design conversations and most importantly staying humble. We would gladly welcome back Brent to Roadmunk anytime.

Latif Nanji, Co-Founder of Roadmunk

Brent is absolutely wonderful to work with. He’s reliable, takes initiative and is incredibly social media savvy. By truly understanding and studying the specific brand or marketing campaign, he’s able to hone in on the target audience in order to maximize the potential of all social media platforms. Brent is responsive, forward thinking and always eager to find solutions.

Sam Mednick, Founder of Blueprint Coaching

Brent was outstanding. With a minimum of training he was quickly up and running. He consistently delivered outstanding work across several digital marketing disciplines:

  • Writing: Managed the blog expertly and wrote several well received posts for the Salesforce blog.
  • Social Media: Brent ran the social media program on his own. Under Brent's stewardship, the program is delivering great results. He has good instincts for social media and creating compelling content.
  • Web Design: Brent showed great initiative and completely renovated the blog. He sharpened the look, added more features for social sharing, and made the blog even more mobile accessible.
  • Graphic Art: Brent designed graphics and logos for various purposes on a regular basis. Awesome work, especially on short notice.
  • Operations: Brent was always willing to to help with technical operations and he ensured that our backend reporting was tidy.
David Austin, Director of Online Marketing, Salesforce

Brent Scheibelhut, 42 Wilgar Road, Etobicoke, ON, M8X 1J5

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